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     City of Canyonville                                                   

250 N Main, Canyonville, OR 97417
         541-839-4258 or 541-839-4020
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Exhibit “A”

City of Canyonville / Stage Facility


The Stage Facility shall be available for use. Scheduling of the use shall be handled by the administrative staff of the City of Canyonville and such use is governed by GENERAL PARK CONDITIONS OF USE along with the following rules:


1.             Keys for the Stage buildings are to be picked up from City Hall before closing (usually 5:00 p.m. unless closing early for a holiday) not more than two days prior to the day of use.  Keys are to be returned to City Hall immediately following use. They can be put in the drop box outside City Hall.   There will be a $25.00 per day charge for unreturned keys. 


2              Use of the stage facility will allow the renter to use the stage bathroom, stage dressing room, and the stage front as checked on their application. Separate accommodations are available for the portable P/A (Exhibit F), stage lighting and main P/A equipment (Exhibit G).


3.             Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the Stage facility.


4.             No tacks or nails are to be driven into the walls.


5.             No scotch tape shall be affixed to the walls, door trim, etc.


6.             Masking tape may be used to affix signs or decorations.  All taped signs or decorations must be removed at the conclusion of the use.


7.             Any spills (coffee, tea, soft drinks or any other liquids on the floor) are to be mopped up and cleaned out of the carpet immediately.  (Mops, brooms, etc. are available in the boxes on the floor of the stage hallway.)


8.             Do not move and/or remove equipment and/or supplies without prior written authorization from the City or the authorized owners.


9.             You may use the park on the day before a wedding for rehearsal; however, if you have not reserved the park for that day and paid the appropriate fees, WE CANNOT GUARANTEE AVAILABILITY OF THE PARK.


10.           All use shall cease and the building closed by 10:00 p.m. unless approved in advance by the City.


11.           The person signing the rental agreement shall be deemed responsible for locking all doors; turning off the lights; picking up all wastepaper; wiping down all counters; sweeping and mopping the floors; vacuuming the carpet; locking all doors, taking all garbage from the cans in the park to the dumpster located at the south end of city hall, relining the cans with bags that will be in the bottom of the garbage can (leaving a newly lined, empty garbage can), and returning the keys as specified in Rule #1. (Mops, brooms, etc. are available in the boxes on the floor of the stage hallway.)


12.           The person signing the rental agreement shall be responsible for all damage to the building or its contents.  This applies to misuse, vandalism, or carelessness, not normal wear and tear.


13.           The clean-up deposit will be returned to the user if the clean-up meets the standards set by the City.  If the clean-up does not meet the standards, someone will be hired to clean at a rate of _____ per hour and the cost will be charged to the user.  (Minimum charge will be _____.)  The costs will first be taken from the deposit and if that is not sufficient, necessary action will be taken against the user to recover the additional costs.  Damages will be handled in the same manner. If the Stage is in need of cleaning, or if any damages result from the use of the Stage, it will be assumed that the last user is responsible and will be treated accordingly. Therefore, you should inspect the area before your use and immediately report any damage, litter, etc. to City Hall at 839-4258.  After hours leave a message on the machine.


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