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Exhibit “E” 

City of Canyonville / Alcohol Consumption in Pioneer Park 

A deposit of ________ made out to the City of Canyonville must be paid upon approval of the application. This is refunded to you if there are no incidents involving the use of alcohol as a result of your rental.


These guidelines are submitted for groups drinking alcoholic beverages and are not applied to a champagne toast by only the bride and groom of a wedding party nor to the reasonable consumption of alcoholic beverages by family members and/or their guests at a strictly private function.






2.         A map or detailed description of the location where alcohol will be served must accompany this application.


3.         The location where alcohol is served must be roped or fenced and have no more than 2 points of ingress/egress.


4.         All alcohol must be consumed within the designated area as approved by City Council. No alcohol will be permitted in other areas of the park. “No Alcohol Beyond This Point” signs must be posted at the limits where alcohol is allowed.


5.         No minors will be allowed in the area serving alcohol. “No Minors Allowed” signs must be posted at all entrances.


6.         The applicant must provide insurance adequate to cover any issues related to the serving of alcohol, as stated in the application.


7.         The applicant must obtain any state or federal licenses required to serve alcohol to the public. Copies of all required permits or licenses shall be provided to the City.


8.         A _______ deposit must be given to the City prior to final approval. The deposit will be returned as long as no violation occurs. In addition, all or part of the deposit may be forfeited if the applicant(s) fail to clean-up the location.


9.         Clean-up will be the responsibility of the applicant. Deposit as described above will be held until the City has inspected and determined that the location was satisfactorily cleaned.


10.        If any portion of the Conditions of Park Use or any other Exhibits are violated or any disruptions occur within the area where alcohol is being served the City may terminate this permit immediately.


11.        If alcohol will be served at night, you must provide lights in and around the immediate area.

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