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   Sewer Plant History
The City of Canyonville provides wastewater collection
and treatment services to the residents and businesses
within the City's urban growth boundary (UGB).  By
consistently and effectively providing these service, the
City protects the water quality and supports the
beneficial used of the South Umpqua River.  The major
elements of the City's wastewater infrastructure includes
the sanitary collection system and the wastewater
treatment plant (WWTP).  The age and condition of the
collection system varies as it was installed over time to
serve the population growth.

While the WWTP has generally served the City well over
the years, many components have reached the end of
their useful life.  In addition, the existing plant does not
have adequate capacity to accommodate planned growth,
nor can it comply with anticipated effluent quality limits.

The City has received funding for Phase 1 construction
consisting of a new head works, influent pump station,
repair to the existing outfall, and chemical feed for
phosphorus and de-chlorination system.  Construction
began in May of 2014 and is very close to being complete
by September 2015.

The City is in the process of getting funding for Phase 2
construction which we hope to begin by the summer of
2016.  Phase 2 will provide a new secondary treatment
system which will treat the effluent that goes into the
South Umpqua River to almost drinking quality.  After
Phase 2 is completed the City will be in compliance with
all current Department of Environmental Quality
regulations for the sewer plant.
 April 2016 WWTP Report
   Plant processed 7,620,000 gallons of effluent,
     which was an decrease of 4,535,000 gallons from
     March 2016.
     There was a total of .54 inches of rainfall in
     April 2016.

   Permit Requirements:
      Permit requirements were met for the month of
      April 2016.

  Operations of the plant:
       Daily meter readings
       Weekly BOD, Influent and Effluent
       Daily lab processing
       Dissolved Oxygen readings from basins/clarifiers
       Collect samples for lab analysis
       Daily batch waste to control plant pounds
       Daily wash downs of basins/clarifiers
       Decant digester as necessary
WWTP Pre-design Report

Waste Water Upgrade Fact Sheet

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