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Veterans Memorial

    In February 2002 a member of the local Veterans of 
    Foreign  Wars  came  up  with  the  idea  of  building  a
    Verterans  Memorial that would honor all veterans, no
     matter    when   or   where   they   served.    The   only
     qualification    was    that      they     were    Honorably
     Discharged  and  resided  in  south  Douglas  County.

    After discussing  the  idea with other VFW members it
     was     taken   to   the   entire   membership   and  was
     approved.  It  was  then requested of the City Council
     that  a  portion  of  the  parking area  be authorized for
     such a structure, which was also approved.

    The first donations  received were  from the Cow Creek
     Band of  Umpqua Tribe of Indians and the Canyonville
     Lions  Club.   The  members  of  the VFW started other
     local fund-raising.

    Construction  was done by Bill Pappas, who donated all
    labor and materials.  It was completed in late summer of 2002.  Two additions had to be made from the original design  as  the VFW  received  many  more  names  for  the  memorial than    were expected.  The oldest veteran listed is William P. Thomason who fought in the Mexican War in 1847, and who incidentally is the Great Grandfather of Sue Schaffer, Cow Creek Tribal Chairperson.

A formal dedication was held on Veterans Day, November 11, 2002, and was attended by many dignitaries of various veterans' organizations, federal, state and county officials.

Names are still being added to the memorial which now total nearly 800.

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